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It’s the start of another new year and we want you to share your DJing goal for the next 12 months with us. We’d like each and every Digital DJ Tips member reading this to hit “Reply” at the bottom of this post, and let us know the one biggest thing you want to achieve in your DJing this year.

It could be getting your first gig outside your bedroom, or making your first tune, or making a mixtape you’re proud of, or learning to manually beatmatch, or setting up your own DJ business, or learning to DJ on CDJs, or finally organizing your music collection properly… whatever it is, share it!

This has some major benefits for you:

  1. It forces you to think about what you really want to achieve this year – Looking back over 2018 this time next year, what has to have changed for you to feel the year has been a successful one in your DJing? Whatever it is, that’s what you should write down
  2. It makes you accountable – You are telling your fellow DJs and us what you are aiming at. If you manage it, you can come back and say “I did it!” If you don’t, it’s there in black and white. Maybe you can even get some advice on how to get closer to your goal in the year to follow
  3. It lets you compare your ambition for the year with other members of the community – We all have our own definitions of success, as evidenced by the variety of goals our readers will have this year. You can see that what you’re aiming at is worthwhile, exciting, common, feasible, unusual… whatever! By reading your goal alongside everyone else’s, you’ll get a sense of where you “fit in” with what other members are aiming to achieve


I am sure you’ve heard “S.M.A.R.T.” before: It’s the best way to set goals. Your goal should be S (specific), M (measurable), A (accountable), R (realistic) and T (timed). Because we’re asking you to set a goal for one year, and tell us, it is already accountable and timed, so just make sure what you write is specific, measurable and realistic.

So go ahead! Post your DJing goal for 2018 below. We can’t wait to see what you’re lining up to do…