New app, [untitled], lets you share and organise unreleased music securely (Music Tech)

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The app caters for lossless audio and also has a large focus on security, ensuring users that no-one will be able to access your unreleased work.   App developer Sin Titulo Inc. has introduced the [untitled] app, which lets producers and musicians share and organise their unreleased music.   The recently launched [untitled] is designed to [...]

SoundCloud announces new partnership with SquareSpace, Adobe, Discord and Rap Plug to boost member benefits (MusicTech)

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Image: M4OS Photos / Alamy Stock Photo These partnerships mark a significant expansion of the company’s SoundCloud for Artists: Member Benefits programme. SoundCloud is partnering with SquareSpace, Adobe, Discord, and Rap Plug, in order to further boost member benefits. The move marks a significant expansion to the company’s SoundCloud for Artists: Member Benefits programme, which includes [...]

Mixcloud Limits “Free” Listening, Will Start to Charge Listeners Money (5Mag)

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In the last issue of 5 Mag, I wondered if Mixcloud had finally figured out a working business model for DJ mixes on the internet. Other services have worked on making mixes legal – clearing rights and ensuring that rightsholders are paid up and okay with it. But none of that really helps the DJ [...]

DJ Mixes Should Soon Be Legal On SoundCloud, Says Company

By |2018-10-23T04:10:54-05:00October 23rd, 2018|Announcements, Digital Dj Tips, DJ, Internet, Joey Santos, Music, Music News, My House Radio, producer|

Back from the brink: It looks like DJ mixes may yet find a home on SoundCloud after being practically hounded off the platform, thanks to a new deal between SoundCloud and Dubset. LAST UPDATED 22 OCTOBER, 2018 It looks like DJs will soon be able to post their mixes on SoundCloud, thanks [...]


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Spotify     The game really did just change. Spotify has today launched a new feature which will enable independent artists to upload tracks to the service directly – without any requirement for a third-party aggregator or record label. The feature currently remains in invite-only beta mode – with a few hundred US [...]

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