Out soon on Love Vibration Nation

The CoCreators have been tearing it up recently with chart-busting remixes of artists such as Coqui Selection, Mikel Gil, Rico Garcia, Luke Wheeler, Townsend, James Bratch, Loz J Yates and many others, enjoying over 40 chart positions in the last six months alone. Now the label bosses of Love Vibration Nation R3UK come out with their much-anticipated Genre-Busting EP entitled Small Rooms Big Hearts with a single focus, to fill subwoofers, hearts, and dance-floors around the world, dedicating this EP to the partygoers and ravers everywhere!

Each track is worth a solid listen, especially if you turn them up loud. A powerful mixture of House, Jacking House, UK Breaks, Techno and Tech House sure to please any party, anywhere, anytime. Partygoers and DJs around the World, We salute you! #2018LoveIsTheAnswer.

1. Small Rooms Big Hearts (Original Mix)
The CoCreators bring it with Small Rooms Big Hearts- a Massive Old Schoolhouse bass line, surrounded by huge twisted atmospheres that push dope vocoder samples to salute the world’s ravers and DJs perfectly with a hook saying “Small Rooms Big Hearts” This is answered by the roar of the crowd! Massive Breakdown and build up for added drama. This track is all about the bass line and hands in the air. House-Tech House Vibes. Slamming bottom end does the job here.

2. Major Midi (CoCreators UK Break Mix) The party continues B-Boy Style as The CoCreators deliver a highly acclaimed UK Breaks track entitled Major Midi.They were not afraid to show their musical range again and this one would make the Plump DJs proud. Funky analog bass line with congas make the smiles come out on the dance floor while vocal samples about the history of deejaying, B-Boying and Grandmaster Flash, dance perfectly around a classic flute sample.

3. Tech Feedback (The CoCreators Techno Bomb mix) Pure Techno Power. Tech feedback has a Kick drum and Bass Line that were married to “Shake The F1 Systems to the limits!” The CoCreators say. The Pulsing Bass and Kick drum combo set the stage for a dope Middle Eastern Vocal Sample and Melodic Tropical Percussive blocks to sit nicely on top of the boom, with a sample from Slave to the Rhythm proclaiming-Annihilating Rhythm for good measure! Very musical for a techno track with some tech house elements. Big Breakdown with nice drama. Keen atmospheres as well.

4. Small Rooms Big Hearts (James Bratch Jacking Mix) James Bratch, who is signed to R3UK, goes right to work on his Jacking mix of Small Rooms Big hearts. With a twist on the original bass line and dramatic Piano work that compliments the vocals perfectly, James brings the heat in this mix. Classy work with a lot of disco percussion in the form of snappy congas and bongos. A party smasher and dance floor favorite.

5. Small Rooms Big Hearts (Loz J Yates Exclusive Mix) Staying within their talented label group roster, The CoCreators put Loz J Yates, who is signed to R3UK, on this mix with Superior Results. Loz brings a massive Techno-Acid House Hybrid mix to the table that isn’t to be toyed with. He slips the original bass line out and adds 303 infused Bass Line with Techno Kick and Keys for the perfect combination of punch and funk. Dark Cheeky fun suitable for large audience festivals and clubs alike. A Thumper for sure.

Distributed by MN2S and Sony.