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The new update includes Lighting Mode which lets you program custom light shows when used with the RB-DMX1 lighting interface. (Digital Dj Tips


Pioneer DJ just launched the latest version of Rekordbox. Now at version 5.2, the update includes the brand new Lighting Mode that lets you create custom lighting effects when you’re spinning with Rekordbox DJ and you’re using Pioneer DJ’s own RB-DMX1 lighting interface. Rekordbox’s Lighting Mode can automatically design lighting commands that are in sync with your music, or you can script them yourself if you want to get more hands-on with your light show.

Though it isn’t an entirely new concept (SoundSwitch for Serato DJ and Virtual DJ was the first automated lighting solution to hit the market over a year ago) we still think it’s a novel and convenient idea, especially for mobile and bar DJs who take their own lights to their shows, but it has yet to pick up steam. Now that automated lighting has come to Rekordbox DJ, the app continues to grow even more powerful, quickly catching up and even exceeding other popular DJ apps in the features department. Watch out for our review of it soon.

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• Rekordbox 5.2 is now available as a free download. Check the Pioneer DJ site for more details.

What are your thoughts on automated lighting? Do you think it’s a boon for digital DJs or a distraction? Have you tried it yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.