Interview with The CoCreators

April 8, 2018


Please, can you tell our readers who you are and what you do?

We are The CoCreators, Label Bosses for Love Vibration Nation R3UK which is distributed by MN2S and Sony. We are also the primary artists and remixers for Love Vibration Nation Music.

Your ‘Small Rooms Big Hearts’ EP is out now. How long did it take you to produce the whole EP?

Last year when we established the Love Vibration Nation imprint and decided to produce under the name The CoCreators, we challenged ourselves to find the musical formula we were reaching for to bring a message of Love through House Music to the world. This happened around Christmas time through the end of February last year. We recorded over 40 songs. Some we loved and some we didn’t. From those sessions, we came up with the final version of Major Midi and the initial drafts of Tech Feedback and Small Rooms Big Hearts, which we reworked heavily in a similar recording initiative during this recent holiday season.

Your artist name ‘The CoCreators’ why did you choose the name and how long did it take for you to choose the name?

We chose the name The CoCreators after we chose the name Love Vibration Nation for our label imprint. This is our 4th label imprint but we committed to making it different than the others. To make it all about the love, not us. All about the We, not the Me, See? Same with The CoCreators name. It’s our belief that as souls, we are all brothers and sisters when we come into our existence. Everyone on the earth has the opportunity to help Co-Create the Universe by the good or bad they put into it. As Love is the creative force of the universe, we choose to use it to make the world a better place through music without ego, to change people’s vibration- To the Love Vibration. We can go on and on about this but it’s like the Beatles said: “And in the end, The Love You Take, Is equal to the Love you make.”

Do you have a personal favorite track from the EP or do you like all 5 tracks the same?

That is a tough one. We dedicated Small Rooms Big Hearts to all the ravers and DJs around the world. It was put together as a genre-bending party format release. We hate genres. To us, there are only 2 genres-Good Music and Bad Music. We mastered it so it sounds best extremely loud. Anyway, if pressed we would have to say we like them all the same as they each have their own dope flavors. Small Rooms Big Hearts we have three mixes, house, funky disco, and techno. James Bratch and Loz J Yates, who are signed to our label group, knocked the remixes out of the park for us. Major Midi is a UK Breaks banger. Tech Feedback is a massive Techno tune with no mercy for the subwoofers. It’s nice to see the promo feedback also indicates this as the favorites seem pretty even across the board. We have massive support from too many DJs to list here now but a few to make note of our Roger Sanchez, Treasure Fingers, Luigi Madonna, Sossa from Circo Loco, Benji Candelario, Coqui Selection, DJ PP, Joachim Garrad, Horse Meat Disco, Vanilla Ace, Robert Owens, Sergio Matina and so many others. The point is when you look at what these guys are playing, it’s all over the map but the one thing they have in common is rocking a great party. That’s how we designed the EP. Something for everyone to keep the dancefloor going.

When you’re not making music or playing live, how do you like to relax?

That depends on which of us your asking. It’s a mixture of going to the gym, going to the beach, meditating, bringing the dogs out on a run, playing video games, helping develop our artist roster and just being grateful every day.

What is your number one tip you could give to someone about making music?

Start your music with the right intent. If you say to yourself before you begin the track- it’s going to make people happy, then 9 times out of 10 that’s the vibe you will get, It’s pretty incredible. Also, never throw away ideas you have started. Rip them down quick and ask people you trust what they think. You can get in your own cocoon too much. Another set of ears is like having a preview of your audience. We almost didn’t finish Tech Feedback until we played it back to a couple of people. Looking back, that would have been a huge mistake. Lastly, have access to a great mastering engineer.

What do you enjoy most about making music?

For us, it’s an escape. Much like everyone else. We love House music, all music for that matter. When an idea starts and it works its way through to completion with all of our input, it feels like a team win for us. The only thing that beats that feeling is to get the positive feedback on the music from DJs and ravers alike. It’s all about them, not us.

If you could choose to work with any other producer, who would it be and why?

We would choose 2. Full Intention and Copyright. They are both similar in that they are not afraid to jump from genre to genre as long as it’s funky. Both groups have had a real fat analog quality in their records since they started as well. To be fair-There are so many more. That was the quick answer.

What are your music plans for rest of the year?

Over the next couple of months, we have remixes we did or are doing for Rico Garcia, Coqui Selection, DJ Pierre, Luke Wheeler, James Bratch, Loz J Yates and others. We have also started the framework of our next EP, which we are excited about. It pushes the boundaries sonically and has a lot more orchestral flavors with some dope vocal elements. We also have a massive amount of music coming out of our label group including releases by Coqui Selection, James Bratch, Benji Candelario, Loz J Yates, Townsend, Elliot Venegas, Deep Elementz and a joint release with DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid label on Luke Wheeler’s Free Your Mind Remix Package. Busy Busy Busy.

What is the biggest venue you’ve played at?

Our first official tour dates for The CoCreators will be this summer. That being said, we have been blessed to be part of shows at clubs around the world like Space, Pacha, Webster Hall, multiple festivals and so many Iconic spots that have unfortunately closed. The big venues are very cool too but there is also something to be said about the cool underground rooms where the crowd is right on top of you, where they can read the name of the next track on your mixer or the name of the sample you are triggering live off your Push 2 controller. We love those spots and we love those people. Small Rooms. Big Hearts. All Love! That’s what The CoCreators are all about.

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