Conrad Rochester Q&A

The Loft Practice Conrad Rochester

The Loft Practice Conrad Rochester

Where are you from??  Born in Brooklyn raised in lower East side.

How long have you been dancing? Started at the age of 9 & I’ve never stopped for over 40 years.

What/Who encouraged/inspired you to dance? inspired by Perry, Archie Benet, Carlos Sanchez, Jusun San AKA Chino 3, and Malcolm AKA Nick II in addition to many other gifted and established dancers in the House Community.

What dancer(s) inspire you? Way to many to answer.

What kind of dancing do you do and teach? House, basic style of hip hop, vouge, breaking.

Where did you learn this kind of dance? The streets, clubs and jams is where I learned.

Why do you love to dance? Its a great way to stay in shape & free my mind & get ready for the new world.

What kind of emotions do you feel/give off when you dance? All emotions & how the vibe of the music makes me feel.

conrad rochester

The Loft Practice Conrad Rochester

Do you hope to inspire others to dance too? Yes I teach and stay giving back, I never forget where it came from.

What are some of your goals for dance? To take my brands on tour give it to the world so we can dance together.

How do you feel when you perform? Its an amazing feeling love it.

What keeps you going? In other words: what inspires you to keep on dancing and teaching? Giving back to the ones that really want it.

Do you have any dancer role models? Inspired by Perry, Archie Benet, Carlos Sanchez, Jusun San AKA Chino 3, and Malcolm AKA Nick II in addition to many other gifted and established dancers in the House Community.

What is your favorite part about Dancing? Feeling the pureness & uplifting feeling when I dance.

What countries have you been too dancing? London, Greece, Cuba, Brasil, Paris, Montreal and Many more. Im not done traveling yet.


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Do you plan to do something with dance later in life? I have my brands loft practice The Loft Practice Organization, Inc. (TLP) is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that provides historical and educational instruction on the various genres and cultures of Urban Dance within urban communities. TLP hosts workshops, lectures, performances and competitive events in New York city and abroad. The Loft Practice Organization is highly recognized for its contribution and preservation of urban dance styles practiced during the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s. & House dance international The New York based event features face-to-face dance competitions in the categories of House, Vogue and Wacking, as well as group showcases, workshops, film screenings, open practice sessions, discussion panels and parties. The art form of House Dance continues to proliferate worldwide. HDI represents a New York-based mission to bring together the various individuals and organizations that have played a role in the creation and development of the art form. Each year, the international house dance community will meet in New York.

The Loft Practice Conrad Rochester

The Loft practice Conrad Rochester

Do you have a diet to keep yourself fit and healthy? I go to the gym, Stretch & eat right daily.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Touring the world with my brands & making money.

How many days and weeks do you practice this sport? For how long? Daily all my life, I never stop.

What advice can you give to someone thinking of becoming a Dancer? Put in the work,  don’t half step your life because it will show in your movements and lifestyle.

Conrads Biography Growing up in New York City’s Artsy Lower East Side during the early 1970’s and 80’s, Conrad Rochester discovered his passion for music and dance. As the multicultural neighborhood began bonding with individuals that are now considered legends, Conrad was engulfed by the energy of music, dance and art of this era. Initially, at the age of 9 with the Hustle, he discovered his keen ability to grasp and master movements. Then later as a young teenager, he became involved in the B-Boy Scene as a member of Fresh 14 and the Rockwell Crew. Self taught and motivated through competition, Conrad’s movements were elevated through local battles and inspiration from Martial Arts films. Competition with neighboring crews such as Scrambling Feet and BVD Crew built Conrad’s respect and talent among established peers. He was enticed by the fruition of this form of dance into Breaking and House through the incorporation of more foot and floor work. Particularly, house dance because of it’s free spirit, positive vibes and ability to captivate beauty through movement. It was no surprise that at just 17, he was already accepted and known as a member of the Loft and Paradise Garage Movements. During this time he was mentored and inspired by Perry, Archie Benet, Carlos Sanchez, Jusun San AKA Chino 3, and Malcolm AKA Nick II in addition to many other gifted and established dancers in the House Community. Through his movement, Conrad has continued to mesmerize and entice audiences on so many levels of life. He has had cameo appearances in several dance films including “Wild Style”, “Maestro” and the most recent “Check Your Body at the Door.”

Conrad has also performed and choreographed for various dance companies and artists including Dance Warriors Project, Vissi Dance Company, Louie Vega, Mr. V, Mrs. Patty, The Martinez Brothers , The Legendary House of Ninja, Niles Ford’s dance-documentary “In Search of the Invisible People,” and most recently James “Cricket” Coulter’s , Astral Kinetic Urban Project. In early 2007, he and his partners launched House Dance International (HDI), the first Urban Dance Festival designed to provide unity and leadership in the global House Dance Community. A year later he along with a set of new partners established The Funk Box, NYC #1 Dance Party. FunkBox is two years strong and counting. Conrad has used his dynamic energy, good nature and lifetime rolodex of diverse contacts to catapult his career into a slew of new angles. From promotions and party hosting to teaching and management with some of the best

talent in the House scene today. As a father of two teenage boys and a newborn baby girl, Conrad recognized a need to preserve the history of this art form and navigate its future. His latest venture is the global marketing of the house dance movement with All Urban Freestyle Dance, Inc a freestanding organization geared toward the education and documentation of urban dance culture His first instructional video will debut in early 2011. Look out for new functions and events in the next coming year!


By James Hall

Editor and Co-Owner at My House Radio FM