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Authorities have shut down the counterfeit vinyl pressing plant

Vinyl is expensive. Any collector of wax worth their salt has poured hundreds, if not thousands into their collections over the years and the demand for rare vinyl pressings continues to skyrocket.

In Wales, four men were making the most of this demand by operating a vinyl pressing plant that created unlicensed recordings of 1960s Northern Soul artists. The counterfeit vinyl ring was busted by authorities following a joint four-year investigation between the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and South Wales Police.

During the sting operation, the police found 55,635 7” records, 907 12” records and 26 10” records. The men made thousands from sales of the records.

Pleading guilty to various counts of unauthorized trademark use, all four men were given jail sentences that ranged from eight to 10 months.

“These important prison sentences send a very strong message to music pirates around the country,” said BPI representative Kiaron Whitehead during the court hearing. “Whether it’s an illegal music website or fake vinyl being sold on eBay and Amazon – the BPI and the Police are watching you and you will be prosecuted.”

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[Via: Digital Music News]

Cameron Holbrook


26 December 2018

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