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Ultra Music Festival Virginia Keys Beach, Miami Florida.

The judge in favor of Ultra Music Festival, Dismisses Rapture Lawsuit

Earlier today, February 4th, Miami Judge has ruled in favor of Ultra Music Festival by dismissing the lawsuit pending against them by the team behind the Rapture Music Festival. The lawsuit was due to the new location, The Virginia Keys Beach; a small island off the coast of Miami. The new location is necessary, the lease of their previous location has expired. The board voted down unanimously by the Miami commission to renew the lease

what prompted the lawsuit?

The Ultra team, as well as the city, chose a new location within Miami to host the event. The new location, The Virginia Keys Beach, was the targeted new location because of how secluded it was to the residents of Miami. Ultra Enterprises began working with the city of Miami to devise a plan to properly maintain traffic and coordinate strategies to make the location plausible;  a location that has been home of the Rapture Music Festival for the last 2 years.

The company who runs Rapture Music Festival, YMD Records, sent a cease and desist on January 10th. After failing to honor the request, The Rapture team filed a lawsuit on February 1st against Ultra Enterprises, the City of Miami, Event Entertainment, and the Virginia Key Beach Trust. The lawsuit was prompted after YMD Record’s claimed Ultra violated the Sherman Act, which prevents conspiracy. A representative from YMD Records confirms that the city knew the location of The Rapture Music Festival.

February 4th, the judge reviewing the lawsuit dismissed the complaint. The reasoning is that the plaintiff failed to show cause. Stated in the court document, YMD Records claimed and confirmed the application to use the Virginia Keys Beach, but to this day that application has been pending. Ultra Enterprises also put in an application that is still pending with the City of Mia

Update – February 13th, 2019

The status of both applications as of now still pending with the Miami Dade County. YMD has failed to re-file its lawsuit against Ultra Enterprise and affiliates. The case has been dismissed

You can read the court document here. More as this story develops.


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