Written by James Hall, My House Radio 8/18/2019

Who is CeeBoo??

She was christened Sibusiso Msesiwe and now has donned the moniker CeeBoo and is brimful with flair and creativity in her latest offering City Rain Remix originally done by DJ Mobi Dixon featuring Mque.

CeeBoo is a versatile cross over artists whose lilting and honey raw voices wafts swiftly between Afro-soul and R&B. Born and raised in the coastal town of East London, she started singing at the tender age of six, as part of her church choir and went on to learn to play the piano on her own.

“I am a self-taught musician. I enjoyed learning a skill without conscious awareness of the underlying processes of what is being learned. In the process of curiosity you make mistakes, learn and grow because you have no scope or boundary to limit you. It is for this reason that I do not like being boxed as a musician” explained CeeBoo.

CeeBoo’s musical journey from the church in later years migrated to poetry where she raided open mic sessions. Later, she would turn the poems into songs about her lived experience and things that she imagined. “The poetry sessions gave me the platform and confidence to be able to bare my soul in front of a live audience to examine what I had to offer artistically. When I turned to music my soul just soared, backed by the confidence that I was in full control expressing my art” chimed CeeBoo.

In 2010 as part of Elements of Soul, a touring venture which she wrote and produced the music, toured South Africa and Namibia. Their album was called Music in Me and helped profile her musical prowess. The musical odyssey culminated with Breaking Dawn her solo debut album.


● Was the lead vocalist of a group called Elements Of Soul and they released an album in 2011.

● Performed alongside the likes of Queens Of Dance, Bantu Soul, Top Mafia, DJ Menace (Beyonce Records), DJ Clock (AMPM), Master Wakes of Kalawa Jazzme Dance, Mwezi Zazi, Msaki and Zama Ntshona.

● Performed on Etv’s Sunrise and Club808.
● BEAT Magazine Awards as the Best Female Vocalist Nominee in 3 categories.

● Used to perform on Thursday Nights at Kulcha Noir, an upmarket Johannesburg restaurant,

● Performed and Toured in Windhoek Namibia alongside Speedy (Bongo Muffin) and several other artists.

● Performed at BCMM Switching on of the Festive Lights 3 years in a row, having been an opening act for Winnie Khumalo and Micasa.

● She recorded her solo album in 2013.

● Performed at several corporate functions in and around East London.

● Performed at the Launch of the 1st English/Xhosa Dictionary in 2014

● Performed at the Bingo Royale Casino as the first Resident Artist in 2014

● Hosted a Live Music Show at the Guild Theatre (East London), in 2014

● Performed for the Eastern Cape Premier at an event for the Official Pronouncement of the Audit Outcome in 2016

● Performed at the Buyel’ Ekhaya Music Festival in 2016 ● Performed at the 2017 State Of The Metro Address

● Performed at the 2018 BCMM Women Nomination Awards

● Collaborated with DJ Clock (The Founder of AM-PM Productions), Bantu Soul, Master Wakes (of Kalawa JazzMe Records) and Nkanyiso Bengu (of Joyous Celebration).

● Was a part of a Talent Search and Produced Songs for local artists from Ntabankulu.

● Was recently invited to perform at the 2019 New Orleans Jazz Festival and to attend Educational Workshops, where she would be doing Motivational Speaking as well.

● Does Motivational Speaking at underprivileged schools in and around East London.

● Performed at the 2019 UMTIZA ARTS FESTIVAL.

● Recently released her debut album – Breaking Dawn, (Available on all Digital Music Platforms).


Q: It truly is a pleasure! It seems like you have come out of nowhere! how are you feeling right now with so much attention on you?

Hahaha, I feel like I can take over the world with my voice right now. Like the universe is my playground. Like a kid in a candy store, with a personality so vibrant to contain. I’d say the world is ready for me now and I’m definitely ready for the world!

Q: So where are you from? I like the name Cee Boo what does it mean?

I was born and bred in East London, a city in the Eastern Cape and in South Africa. The name CeeBoo is derived from my original name, which is a unisex name that confuses people at times, LOL. My birth name, Sibusiso, means Blessing and is taken from the Zulu language. So CeeBoo is a short version of the first 4 letters in my original name. It is Uniquely spelled this way, to assist my followers in pronouncing it easier.

Q: When did you start writing/producing music – and what or who inspired you?

I started writing poems that I turned into songs. I literally woke up one morning, when I was 6 years of age, and I started playing the keyboard/piano, composed music, sang my poems and I just never looked back. I was inspired by my own personal experiences. Growing up, childhood memories, good and bad, the pain from my past inspired me too. Birds inspire me, Books, Music, People of Good morals and values. But the people who inspire me the most : (1) My only surviving parent – Reverend Owen, (My Dad). (2) My kids and (3) My husband and manager: Mr. Denzil Celin Gounden.

Q: You seem to pull in musical styles from Afro house to R & B on your new Album which is great by the way. What influenced it?

I’m a non-conformist. I don’t Lead by Following. My musical inclination allows me to go beyond unforeseen and unknown boundaries. And because Music, to me is a Natural Gift, you will find me in almost every genre. That is what inspired my debut album – Breaking Dawn.
Q: So I’m really loving the hit house track: Azange Ndambona what is the song about?
Azange Ndambona means: ” I’ve never seen someone like this before. Someone so kind, so genuine and so true.” This song is way ahead of its time, as it is a proven prophecy. I wrote this song and asked my late mom for her blessings and advice, in my current relationship and marital union. And she peacefully passed on, after saying Yes and giving us her blessings to marry and settle down.
Q: So what label are you currently under? or are you an independent Artist.
I am an independent artist, under No Label.
Q: I saw that just this summer, you played a few shows and are all over the radio,  any future plans you’d like fans to know about?

That’s a great question!!! I’d love to do a World Tour. So that I can fully engage, embrace and inspire the Masses, as they do to me.

I want to be out there in the Universe, spreading Positive messages through music and song. To get my Brand known and to remind others that life is not so bad. As I am a living testimony to that.
Q: Do you have any future collaborations coming up or anyone you’d like to work with?
There are far too many Legends and Undiscovered Geniuses to mention. My life – long dream is to share a stage with Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats, Angie Stone, The Weekend, Pharrell, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill and to have an album produced by Quincy Jones, Babyface, Darkchild and Timberland to mention a few. I’d also like to feature on songs with some of my newly made Facebook Friends, DJs, and Producers across the Globe.
Q: So I ask every new artist on the scene about staying power where do you see yourself in the future?
I see myself empowering and nurturing our up and coming artists. The new generation of music, to guide them and share everything I know. The best thing to do is to educate and disseminate Positive energy, Powerful knowledge, and Valuable Resources to kids in broken homes, underprivileged communities and to motivate our Youth. Giving them Music to hold on to and focus on. Shifts and reduces the pressures of life on the dark side of our existence on Earth. Example: Criminal Activities, Teenage Pregnancies, Gangsterism, Peer Pressure, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse, etc. So I’d like to open up a music academy, to harness these souls and talents. Because I just love what I do and helping someone else, is always so refreshing and rewarding. It brings my heart Pure Joy at the end of every day.
Q: Lastly I’d like to say thank you for sitting down with us here at My House Radio. I see great things for you in the future.

Once again, I’d like to thank you very much for taking this time to get to know me and introducing me to the Masses. I do hope that I can come to perform and visit your country soon! I trust you will enjoy Breaking Dawn and let’s dance again on MyHouse Radio!

For bookings

My Number Is : 081 594 0900 – CeeBoo
My Managers’ Number Is: 081 484 5656 – Mr Denzil Celin Gounden

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