Bury the Plan Not the Park


Bill deBlasio to East River Park: Drop Dead cartoon

Mayor Bill de Blasio to East River Park: “DROP DEAD!”

Make some noise before New York City commits an environmental disaster in the name of flood protection.

Mayor de Blasio: Closing and flattening the largest park in Lower Manhattan, a jewel along the waterfront, playground and sanctuary for some 100,000 low-and-middle-income New Yorkers, is not a Green New Deal.

It’s a bad, ugly deal. It’s a reckless travesty of environmental injustice.

Like the general in Vietnam, who said, “We have to destroy the village to save it,” Mr. de Blasio, you seem to think we have to destroy our environment to save our environment.

Meanwhile, the Lower East Side and East Village will have no flood protection for years, not even the modicum of absorption that the park gave us during Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor de Blasio, your flood protection plan to raise the entire park up to 10 feet destroys every tree, every bit of biodiversity that cleanses our air and soothes our souls. It creates years construction throwing fill dirt that will clog the lungs of people who already have high asthma rates, who already suffered respiratory illnesses because of 9/11.

Through the scheduled three and a half years of construction (and of course, it will be much more because it always is), some 100,000 neighbors will have no access to the river, to a wide expanse with trees, to playing fields. Let’s see you try this crap in a rich neighborhood.

There are better plans. There was, in fact, a good plan in place until you scrapped it last year for vague reasons. There went $40 million in planning costs. Here’s an even better plan: Cover the FDR Drive with a park. Give us people over cars!

Now we have a $1.45 billion mess of your creation, Mr. de Blasio.

There can be temporary flood protection. There can be a better plan developed or reinstated from previous plans.

This East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) plan is hurtling toward passage by the community boards, the City Council, the Comptroller, the Manhattan Borough President. Those people and organizations will be personally responsible for an environmental disaster if this plan goes through the way it is.

Before the vote, they need to listen to all the people who are furious and grief-stricken over completely losing the best park along the river.

East River Park ACTION is making our voices heard through–

Protests to make city officials understand how many people oppose closing and killing the park.

Coming up March and Rally Saturday, September 21

March from Tompkins Sq Park (noisemakers & costumes) starting at noon, over the 6th Street Bridge to East River Park. Rally at 1:30 in the park’s Reflections Labyrinth, north of Williamsburg Bridge. More at our Actions-Now! page

Investigating legal action over the destruction of the environment and threats to the health of residents

Developing the plan that is truly best for our neighborhood, city, and to ease climate change.


East River Park ACTION

email: ourpark@eastriverparkaction.org
Facebook: East River Park Action


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