Develop your most personalized sound yet, with the latest update for the TORAIZ SP-16. We’ve added the FX2 module function and improved the way you connect to other hardware in our newly released firmware – ver. 1.60.

Create unique sounds by editing and processing samples on the fly with the new FX2 module. Plus, you can now sync the MIDI clock between the TORAIZ SP-16 and your DAW, so the sampler will seamlessly fit into any studio setup.

Set the same MIDI channel for multiple tracks on the TORAIZ SP-16 and easily play deep sounds layered on multiple tracks with external MIDI input.

  • NEW
    • Now able to use second FX module (FX2) on SAMPLE tracks and THRU tracks.
    • MIDI messages received from the USB-B terminal can now be sent out via the MIDI OUT/THRU terminal.
    • MIDI messages received from the MIDI IN terminal can now be sent out via the USB-B terminal.
    • Multiple tracks can now be assigned to the same MIDI channel using the MIDI IN channel settings.
    • MIDI-related sync and performance settings.
    • Now able to use an underscore on the software keyboard