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He’s from Tuscany Italy and he’s first in our new spotlight of our talented DJs.

By Glen “DJ Houseman” Williams


Hello, and introduce yourself  Stiv … tell us who you are and what are your goals with music?

Hi, my name is Stefano Tirella (aka Stiv Tirella), I was born and I live in Italy but I’m of Brazilian origin, let’s say I’m Brazilian. When I was 3 years old I fell in love with music, or rather, music fell in love with me and never left me. My goal is to continue to improve myself as a producer and as a DJ, in Italy, I played in all the best clubs, but my big dream is to do shows in New York.


Where are you living right now, what country is it where you are?

I live in Pisa, in Tuscany, but as a DJ I move all over Italy. I am a resident DJ at Almarosa, the best place in Tuscany (frequented by many VIPS), a beautiful venue with a very creative artistic director. Italy, unfortunately, is quite old as a mentality, music does not turn around much: few locals, mentality too closed. In fact, I would like and I should move abroad. Do you think that in 1988, when I started DJing, I was one of the very few to listen and play black and house stuff. Italy needs to update itself and open its mind from any point of view. It seems to be in the year ‘500. Here is a Middle Ages 2.0. Being able to make small and big successes with my work in Italy has been hard, but the hard work and tenacity always reward at any latitude and longitude.


What is your favorite style of music and why?

I go crazy for black music, old and new. R & B, Soul, Nu-Soul, Jazz, Afrobeat, Hip Hop. But also Bossanova, Reggae, Funk, Blues. Difficult to quote someone. D’Angelo, Miles Davis, Joao Gilberto, A Tribe Called Guest, Norman Connors, Michael Jackson, Dan Amaky and Dede, Roy Ayers, just to say the first ones that come to mind. At home, I have about 5,000 vinyl records of black music only. I like the taste of those sounds, I think it’s a question of DNA. I like the deep bass, the soul that drips between the notes, music that smells like soul.


How did you start DJing?

When I was 3 years old with music I had a shock, I had a vision, I understood what I wanted to be when I grew up. And from there I started watching DJs on radio and in clubs. After listening to so many records and seeing so many DJs at work I told them to spend my days learning to mix, trying to produce music. At the age of 12 I started working in a radio station and in some clubs in the area. I studied bass and classical guitar and this helped a lot to understand music even more. I watched so many DJs work, I tried to understand how the art of making people dance, and then lots of practice.


Who is your greatest influence in music?

I am influenced by all music. I’ve always listened to music from morning to night. I believe that there are only two musical genres: beautiful music and shitty music (LOL!). I also believe that everything is important. To be a good DJ you have to be inspired by anything that kindles your mind: books, travel, people, experiences. You carry all that electricity inside and then you throw it out when you’re behind the console. Energy moves all the planets, and it is important to transmit passion and determination during the sets.

Would you like to produce music and why do you feel you’d be a great producer?

Even as a child I did the first production experiments. I tried to remix and do my own thing. In recent years I have produced many important official remixes and new productions will soon be released. I collaborate with a team of professionals working in an important recording studio, the MEDA Sound Studio, and with them I already have 3 upcoming Afrohouse songs. I am also collaborating with the beautiful Mikky Afflick, I believe that by the end of this year our productions will be released. To be a good producer you have to experiment a lot, listen to a lot of music and have the taste and courage to lay bare your personality. We must differentiate, as indeed, in all things. If you don’t distinguish yourself or become extinct.


If you could choose anywhere in the world like to spin, where would it be and why?

Absolutely New York. The emotion of playing music in the places where this music was born. In New York, you can feel the house in the air. It gets into your lungs even if you don’t hear it. Moreover, coming from Italy, from the province, I find it necessary to confront myself with big realities. DJing in Italy is like playing a go-kart race, while playing in New York is like competing in Formula One.


You seem to have flare and liking for Soulful House … How did you get into this sound?

I have always loved the Soulful House. Maybe it’s the nuance of the House that I like the most. I often play it in Italy. Here, when people are in the dancefloor, they are not used to this genre, but music is music, and I have always managed to make dance with that style, educate to that genre.


What DJ, Artist, Producer you most admire?

I really like Claudio Coccoluto, a very innovative and creative Italian DJ / producer. He was the first European DJ to play at the Sound Factory Bar in New York. As an artist I would like to quote Micheal Jackson and David Bowie. “They are aliens, people like that rarely happen on planet earth.”


How do you feel about My House Radio?

It’s a delightful project. It has a winning mentality because every single DJ wants to give his best because that’s a world made for them, perfect for them. It is the paradise of those who love House music and want to express their talent with professionalism and passion.


Tell us about other things you’re into, photography, art, tattoos? Lol

I read a lot, I keep myself informed about the past and the present, maybe this is the best weapon to imagine and create a tailor-made future. Years ago I also wrote a book entitled “Like you to all the others” (Coniglio Editore) which sold over 11,000 copies. I have written two more books but for now, they are locked in the drawer. I studied art, art school and I think I have a good style of drawing. Even tattoos are art. All the things that manage to communicate through beauty, make me shine with enthusiasm. I don’t like perfect tattoos, I like that they have passionate “mistakes” inside them, which make them more “human” and that way they are able to convey the meaning and personal emotion. Even in music, certain “errors” make everything more emotionally functional. Even in music, there are many “mistakes”. Get Hendrix records, James Brown, D’Angelo. They are full of “errors”. Perfection is aseptic. Like in jazz, the musician may not even guess the right note, but in that mistake, there is style, the style he is looking for and wants to move the level.


What is the One Thing you’d like to connect with your music?

It would be interesting to DJ in places where nobody has ever played. Maybe make a set during the demolition of a building. In a hospital or during a marketing meeting. Everything is music so you can play anywhere and in any situation. Make it clear that we are the music, with and without dance floors.


Any Closing Remarks?

Continue to dream and commit to fulfilling your dreams with commitment and hard work. And Myhouseradio is an excellent example of parking for dreamers who are committed to realizing their ambitions, it is an important thing that you are doing, and you will be rewarded.



Thanks for participating Stiv!
Grace to you, keep it up!




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