The New Technics SL-1200 Mk 7: Too Little, Too Late, And For Too Much

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Oh Technics SL-1200, you were the stuff of legends! You were always there. We never thought anything would change. And for decades, it didn’t. But like an adored band breaking up, you left us. We found ourselves in a prolonged state of denial, then shock. Life went on, though. Poor imitations stepped into your [...]

3 Tips For Playing Long DJ Sets Like A Pro, From John 00 Fleming

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Playing an extended DJ set is a physically demanding and musically rewarding experience. Check out John 00 Fleming's marathon DJ set tips in this piece. Pic: John OO Fleming   10 DECEMBER, 2018 We recently had a chance to chat with trance legend John 00 Fleming, a DJ/producer who is revered for his marathon [...]

How To Promote Yourself As A DJ In Your Local Market

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  Imagine how many DJs are out there right now wanting the same things that you want? How many hardworking musicians are competing just to get recognition and be known both in their local market and globally? There are a lot, as a matter of fact there are more than you may even imagine. So [...]

Best laptop for DJs 2018: The best laptops for music production

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The best laptops for working on your music If you’re a DJ, or even an aspiring music producer, you’re going to need more than just the best headphones, you’re going to need one of the best laptops for music production. If you’re looking for the top laptop for music, you might want to consider any device that has [...]

DJ Mixes Should Soon Be Legal On SoundCloud, Says Company

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Back from the brink: It looks like DJ mixes may yet find a home on SoundCloud after being practically hounded off the platform, thanks to a new deal between SoundCloud and Dubset. LAST UPDATED 22 OCTOBER, 2018 It looks like DJs will soon be able to post their mixes on SoundCloud, thanks [...]

Pro DJ Link: Learn 5 “Secret” Features Of Pioneer DJ’s Protocol

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By Teo Tormo   djtechtools: Pro Link Secrets   Almost every Pioneer DJ standalone device has a Pro DJ Link ethernet port on the back of it. You might know the basics, but in today’s article, DJTT contributor Teo Tormo shares some of the lesser-known features of Pro Link. Learn how to preview tracks [...]

DJ Software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ. Which Should You Choose In 2018?

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A laptop DJ plays a party. But what DJ software should you choose? And why? Find out as we compare the big four and the "best of the rest". Probably more than any other question, this is the one we get asked over and over by beginners. While there’s clearly no one [...]

Native Instruments Drops Huge Payload Of DJ/Producer Gear

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LAST UPDATED 6 SEPTEMBER, 2018 Native Instruments has just announced a whole boatload of fresh new gear and software for DJ/producers. As part of its line-up of new products, Native Instruments has just announced a host of fresh software updates as well as slick new hardware aimed at DJ/producers and music makers. [...]

Rekordbox DJ 5.4 Launched, Adds XDJ-RR Support & Traffic Light Key Mixing Aid

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LAST UPDATED 10 SEPTEMBER, 2018 Rekordbox Traffic Light Pioneer DJ recently launched an update to its Rekordbox software. Now at version 5.4, the update includes support for the XDJ-RR standalone system as well as the new Traffic Light feature for key mixing. The way it works is it highlights songs in your collection [...]

Denon DJ SC5000M Unveiled, Brings Motorised Jogwheels To Prime Series

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Joey Santos Denon DJ just announced the SC5000M Prime, a media player with a motorised jogwheel platter. August 9, 2018 | Read time: 2 mins Club/Festival DJing Pr LAST UPDATED 10 AUGUST, 2018 Denon DJ has just unveiled the SC5000M Prime, a media player that’s got a motorised spinning jogwheel platter. It aims to provide [...]

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