The 13 Best Internet Radio Stations of 2023 (Lifewire)

By |2023-10-15T20:37:54-05:00October 15th, 2023|Dance Music, Entertaiment, House, House Music, Internet, My House Radio, Report|

  Listen to live radio broadcasts right from your browser or smartphone With the multitude of online radio stations that are available, picking your favorite should be easy. Below is my hand-picked list of the absolute best online radio stations for a variety of genres. I reviewed dozens of these types of websites to uncover [...]

Dropbox puts a hard limit on “unlimited” storage (5 Mag)

By |2023-09-22T21:33:33-05:00September 22nd, 2023|5 Magazine, Announcements, DJ Equipment Tools Software, Internet, news|

“As much space as you need” now has a specific size. It’s about 15 terabytes.   Dropbox has announced a change to its pricing plan. In the past, their “Advanced” plan promised unlimited storage. Now that storage is capped at 15 TB.   By way of explanation, Dropbox claimed that a small number of subscribers [...]

New app, [untitled], lets you share and organise unreleased music securely (Music Tech)

By |2023-09-20T20:14:10-05:00September 20th, 2023|Announcements, DJ Equipment Tools Software, Internet, Music News, news, producer, Report|

The app caters for lossless audio and also has a large focus on security, ensuring users that no-one will be able to access your unreleased work.   App developer Sin Titulo Inc. has introduced the [untitled] app, which lets producers and musicians share and organise their unreleased music.   The recently launched [untitled] is designed to [...]

The Best Music-Making AI Tools and How to Use Them (Resident Advisor)

By |2023-06-18T16:28:23-05:00June 18th, 2023|AI, Digital Dj Tips, DJ Equipment Tools Software, Internet, Music News, Resident Advisor|

Compared to tools like Chat GPT and Midjourney, music-making AI is behind the curve. But what's coming next? And how can these tools help producers? This article is part of Water & Music founder Cherie Hu's guest-edited month of June, featuring specially curated content exploring new possibilities in music and tech. By now, ChatGPT is a [...]


By |2023-06-02T21:31:27-05:00May 17th, 2023|AI, DJ, DJ Equipment Tools Software,, electronic music, Internet, Report, Review|

MusicLM is by far today's most powerful and intuitive AI music generator. But what are its implications? Google is rewriting the symphony of creativity with MusicLM, its groundbreaking AI text-to-music model. According to an academic paper published in January, the tech giant said there were "no immediate plans" to share the experimental AI tool, which lets [...]

‘You can’t do that with records’: Electronic cassette community reflects on boom in popularity (Resident Advisor)

By |2023-05-08T17:38:58-05:00May 8th, 2023|Entertaiment, Internet, Music, Music News, news, Resident Advisor, Uncategorized|

We spoke to labels and fans about the beloved format and why it's enjoying a 20-year sales high. Sales of cassette tapes are at a 20-year high, according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to a huge spike in interest, with sales doubling from 80,000 in 2019 [...]

MIXO wants to transform DJ Library Management with their new platform (DJ Techtools)

By |2023-05-07T16:56:49-05:00May 7th, 2023|Djtechtools, electronic music, Internet, Music News, news, producer, Report, Review|

MIXO is a new platform/app announced last week, designed to manage playlists from any device, sync with desktops, import & export between DJ software, and backup DJ libraries to the cloud. The platform is specifically targeting DJs and music enthusiasts who seek an alternative to iTunes / Apple Music apps for managing their libraries. [...]


By |2023-04-19T18:09:51-05:00April 19th, 2023|AI, Dance Music, electronic music, Entertaiment, House Music, Internet, MixMAg, Music, news, producer|

Just 28% of participants in a survey by distributor Ditto Music said that they would avoid using AI to make music WORDS: BECKY BUCKLE | PICTURE: ANTONIO ROBERTS New research from music distribution company Ditto Music has revealed that 59.5% of artists are already using AI to create music, while a further 47% are inclined artificial intelligence (AI) for [...]

Twitch Warns Creators After Receiving 1,000 DMCA Claims From Record Labels

By |2021-05-29T11:09:17-05:00May 29th, 2021|advice, Announcements, Dance Music, DJ, International, Internet, Music, Music News, producer|

Another wave of copyright-related bans could be on the way. Twitch's copyright problem won't go away. In an email shared by esports consultant Rod Breslau, the company warns that it recently received a batch of approximately 1,000 individual DMCA takedown notices. All of the claims involve archived broadcasts, with most featuring streamers listening to music [...]

Computer World at 40: How Kraftwerk Predicted Our Techno-Utopian Fate

By |2021-05-29T11:14:39-05:00May 29th, 2021|Disco, DJ, Entertaiment, International, Internet, Techno|

Exploring the parallels between our world and the one that Kraftwerk proposed in 1981 Kraftwerk’s Computer World Kyle Carney May 10, 2021 | 11:42am ET Memory is subject to corruption, but some of us can still recall a very primitive era for personal computers. In the late seventies, early prototypes included the Apple II, Commodore [...]

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