Celebrating Black History Month with House & Techno (6AM)

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Author : 6AM February 10, 2023 Celebrating Black History Month With House & Techno The contribution of Black artists in house and techno are undeniable and pervasive. In fact, the bedrock of electronic music owes much of its legacy to Black artists. From Chicago and Detroit, the cities that started it all, its local pioneers wove dance music culture’s fabric that now stretches [...]

Computer World at 40: How Kraftwerk Predicted Our Techno-Utopian Fate

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Exploring the parallels between our world and the one that Kraftwerk proposed in 1981 Kraftwerk’s Computer World Kyle Carney May 10, 2021 | 11:42am ET Memory is subject to corruption, but some of us can still recall a very primitive era for personal computers. In the late seventies, early prototypes included the Apple II, Commodore [...]

BREAKING: Techno Rising Star i_o Passes Away (House Music Hits)

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11-24-20 Sad news. For real, can this year just be done already? Today, Garrett Lockhart, better known by his stage name i_o passed away. i_o made a big name for himself by breaking into the scene and redefining what techno meant. His sound was the strongest inside his genre, and he redefined where techno could be played and who would listen [...]


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The New York festival is a "leader for change" in dance music WORDS: DEVYN WHITE | PHOTOGRAPHY: DIAHANN WILLIAMS The point of Dweller festival, a series of daytime and night events held across multiple Brooklyn venues at the height of Black History Month, is to educate: to remind people that despite techno’s worldwide success and at [...]

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