Music streaming service SoundCloud tunes up for sale (Sky News)

By |2024-01-12T22:38:21-06:00January 12th, 2024|DJ Equipment Tools Software, Internet, news, Report, Soundcloud|

  Backed by Raine Group and Temasek Holdings, SoundCloud is to be put up for sale later this year as its owners anticipate a substantial payday, Sky News learns. The owners of SoundCloud, one of the world's largest music streaming services, are preparing for a sale that could fetch in excess of $1bn. Sky News [...]

SoundCloud announces new partnership with SquareSpace, Adobe, Discord and Rap Plug to boost member benefits (MusicTech)

By |2023-07-10T22:26:13-05:00July 10th, 2023|Music News, news, producer, Promotional, Report, Soundcloud|

Image: M4OS Photos / Alamy Stock Photo These partnerships mark a significant expansion of the company’s SoundCloud for Artists: Member Benefits programme. SoundCloud is partnering with SquareSpace, Adobe, Discord, and Rap Plug, in order to further boost member benefits. The move marks a significant expansion to the company’s SoundCloud for Artists: Member Benefits programme, which includes [...]

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